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Some natural phenomena we see around us every day are still completely mind-boggling. Every once in a while, a scientist will come forward with a new theory that claims to explain one of these phenomena; a theory that’s sometimes backed by years of research, and sometimes just comes from a person who’s looking to get famous in the scientific community. From gravity to the color of the sky, there are many things that make sense to some, but are a mystery to the vast majority of us. Here are just a few phenomena that science still can’t explain.

Why are black holes so difficult to understand?

Black hole

The mystery…

Since the beginning of time, we have always followed the same cycle of life. The sun rises in the morning, we get up, eat a healthy breakfast, go to work, take a few hours of rest in the afternoon, wake up in the evening and go to sleep. We have lived in this cycle all our lives. However, going off the power grid can now make this cycle a little more difficult without proper planning. Learn about some famous and cost-effective options for off-grid living available today with this Beginner’s Guide.

Living off-grid means not being dependent on the utility…


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